Universal Drilling Technique



Universal Drilling Technique, LLC., a company that is doing business under the trade name of UniDrillTech, produces various types of roller cone drilling bits and other downhole tools, including stabilizers and hole openers. UniDrillTech is located in the city of Drogobych, Lviv Region, Ukraine.

Our company is:
Personnel with a high level of qualification and experience

  • Our team of highly qualified managers and drilling tools developers has many years of experience in meeting customer’s needs in the global market.
  • Our team of experienced manufacturing professionals is capable of implementing any of the designers’ ideas and solutions.

Latest technologies

  • The innovative software we use enables us in a short time to develop and optimize design of the bits for specific drilling conditions.
  • Special software which allows simulation and optimization of the drilling process.

Guaranteed quality and reliability

  • The ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 29001 and API Q1 quality management systems are adopted.
  • Technical parameters of the bits meet the requirements of the API Spec 7-1specification.
  • The products are manufactured according to the latest technologies on the equipment of the world leading machine tools producers.

Customer orientation

  • The company promptly responds to customers’ demands for the maximum satisfaction of their needs.
  • The core policy of the company in relation to working with clients is to build long term cooperation and a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • The company always aims to create the most comfortable conditions for the clients.