Established in 1991, Laxmi Pumps Private Limited has been producing LADA Submersible Pumps exclusively with reliable quality and excellent after-sales service. LADA is the brand under which our products are manufactured and marketed.


Atlas Copco Secoroc designs, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools over the whole world.

More than 95 % of the produced volume is consumed by the mining and construction industry outside of Sweden. We work with the latest technology in R&D and manufacturing, like in marketing and distribution of our products.

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At CENERG GLOBAL TOOLS we offer an extensive line of Rotary Drill Bits with reliable tool life and performance that improves productivity and optimizes drilling cost.


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Rockpecker has a team of CAD-CAM Professionals for the design of PDC Bits. Experienced Team of Design Engineers and the deep understanding of elements ensures high performance PDC Bit designs and manufacture. We’ll build you a professional custom made PDC Bit for an economical price with guaranteed satisfaction! Your choice and selection to buy the best performing bit up to 26-Inches!

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Universal Drilling Technique, LLC., a company that is doing business under the trade name of UniDrillTech, produces various types of roller cone drilling bits and other downhole tools, including stabilizers and hole openers. UniDrillTech is located in the city of Drogobych, Lviv Region, Ukraine.



The Company’s establishment has to do with the oil industry in the Ural, Samara and Perm regions. A sharp increase in drilling capacity sparked demand for drill bits/pipes. In 1948, the Ministry of Oil Industry ventured into a drill-bit plant in Samara. As from 1958, dedicated design has favoured the development of a wide range of drill bit types and sizes.

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