SHAREATE TOOLS LTD. is a global, high-tech enterprise, engaged in cemented carbide products and focused on rock drilling tools.

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The company has a strong scientific and technological innovation capability, having formed an extensive system of independent intellectual property rights. 42 invention patents and 118 utility model patents are granted by the State. Shareate was accredited with the API Q1 Specification and ISO 9001 Quality Standards in 2008.

The company has an independent R&D center dedicated to tungsten carbide development, and has been identified as a center of excellence for Rock Drilling Tool Engineering and Research Development, by the Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center and Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

Our main products cover: Rotary Tricone Bits, DTH Hammers & Bits for mining, water well and oil-field drilling applications, cemented carbide, carbide substrates for PDC bits, bit nozzles, ultra-fine cemented carbide rod, fine grained cutting tools, stamping die plates, cold heading dies, powder metallurgy dies, tungsten carbide tubular welding, wear parts, and other non-standard parts. Shareate products are exported to more than twenty countries across all continents.

Shareate is a leader in modern manufacturing and service integration, and operates state of the art factories to the highest international standards. We understand that product success is inseparable from trust and support of our customers. Shareate prides itself on working closely with customers around the globe to create best-in-class products and solutions to overcome the most challenging technical problems. Whatever your carbide-related problem, Shareate can create an appropriate technical solution.

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