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Rock drilling products

Atlas Copco Secoroc designs, manufactures and markets rock drilling tools over the whole world.

More than 95 % of the produced volume is consumed by the mining and construction industry outside of Sweden. We work with the latest technology in R&D and manufacturing, like in marketing and distribution of our products.

At Atlas Copco Secoroc we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers and working together to achieve a common goal – success. If our customers are successful, so are we!

Atlas Copco has taken full ownership in Focus Rocbit Pvt Ltd and Prisma Roctools Pvt Ltd and since April 1, 2009, Atlas Copco is the sole shareholder in these companies. In connection to this, many questions will of course be raised as to Atlas Copco’s intended operational plan.
We wish to assure you that Atlas Copco intends to manage the business in substantially the same manner as today.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your local contact or Atlas Copco sales representative if you have any questions.